CEO Greeting

First of all, thanks for your visiting the homepage of Taesan Corporation.
Taesan Corporation is a steel trading company exporting various kinds of steel products mainly to Central/South America and Caribbean Islands including some quantities to Middle East and Asian Countries.

Our company was established in 1997, and has been successfully transformed to the ideal shape of corporation up to now.

Since 1997, we have offered high quality steel products manufactured by excellent Asian mills such as Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc to many customers.
I must express gratitude to our many customers here.
Personally I take great pride in that our company becomes a reliable business partner amongst our customers so far.

I am confident that our company will satisfy your diverse demands and expectations even under the rapidly changing circumstances in the 21st century.

I hope you will find the useful information and data presented here, and your visit to our webpage will be the first step toward a business partnership with us.

Most sincerely,
June 25 2016

J T Cho / CEO of Taesan Corp.

Company History

May. 2016
Launched Processing Team in Sihwa Factory with 3 units of Universal Milling Machines
Dec. 2015
Achieved USD 37 Mil in Annual Sales (Recovered from USD 27 Mil/ 2014)
Jun. 2014
Set Up NO.4 Gas Cutting Machine in Sihwa Factory
Dec. 2013
Award Certificate of Appreciation by Dongkuk Steel.
Mar. 2013
The First Export of Luxteel to Bangkok, Thailand
Jun. 2012
Set-up NO.3 Gas cutting machine in Sihwa Factory
Dec. 2011
Achived USD 55 Mil in annual sales.
Oct. 2011
Set-up NO.2 Gas cutting machine in Sihwa Factory
Mar. 2010
Set-up NO.1 Gas cutting machine in Sihwa Factory
Nov. 2008
2008 Awarded "USD 30 Million Export Prize" (45th National Export Day)
Aug. 2008
Established Sihwa Faxtory, Started to run Wholesale /
Retail in Domestic Market
Nov. 2007
Awarded "USD 20 Million Export Prize" (44th National Export Day)
Nov. 2002
Awarded "USD 10 Million Export Prize" (39th National Export Day)
Dec. 2001
Exports reach USD 8.2 million
The first import in the name of Taesan Corp
May. 2001
Opened Shanghai branch in China
Dec. 2000
Exports reach USD 6.2 million
May. 1997
Established as Taesan Corporation